Device for Continuous Care and Pain Assessment

Continuous Care and Pain Assessment Device

Continuous Care

Doctors and nurses can easily monitor patients who are under medical scrutiny or requires medical supervision.

Kipuwex allows you to remotely monitor your beloved family members from even across the world.

Pain Assessment
Kipuwex device
Kipuwex device

It is challenging to assess pain for those who are unable to communicate. For example, small children, individuals with mental disorders and the critically ill. Pain management is especially important for premature babies whose central nervous systems are yet to develop. Thus, the lack of appropriate treatment may have fatal consequences such as life-long trauma, disorder in development and chronic pain.

Only identified pain can be treated” 


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Mobile App

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How It Works

Kipuwex is a small wireless IoT device that continuously measures different physiological parameters from the patient digitally, converting them with an algorithm into pain data and provides efficiently reliable measurements for healthcare professionals and home users.

Pain assessment device illustration
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Mobile App

A simple and easy-to-use application, allowing the remote monitoring of physiological factors and take necessary action.

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  • Kipuwex Pain graph- mobile display- home user
Iso certification

Medical certification is ongoing

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